I am a PhD student exploring the experience of vulnerable child witnesses and their families within the criminal justice system in the UK. My PhD research also investigates children’s use and implications of special measures in the criminal justice system. This research aims to better understand children in the criminal justice system and help reduce obstacles for vulnerable child witnesses. The wider implications for my PhD research are policy and training based, with significant influence for support provisions within the legal system. Essentially, the wider use of special measures can be cemented in a grounded and evidence-based approach from stakeholders, witnesses, parents and a practical case.

PhD supervisors: Dr Samantha Andrews, Dr Ching-Yu Huang & Dr Sammyh Khan.

I am a returning student, as I completed my BSc in Psychology and MSc in Social and Community Psychology at Keele University. My BSc and Masters’ dissertations were conducted on the perception of age-related agency with sexual attraction to measure if there was a difference in sexual attractiveness and perceived ability to consent. My dissertation developed subtypes of sexual agency and found one specific type of agency to be the sole mediator of sexual attraction and age. My research interests focus on substantiation of policy and law within society, by providing research to support evidenced-based policy.


  • Module Team Member PSY-10031 Introduction to Statistics for Psychology
  • Module Team Member PSY-10033 Introduction to Social and Developmental Psychology
  • Module Team Member PSY-10034 Introduction to Biological and Cognitive Psychology
  • Module Team Member PSY-20044 Statistics for Psychology
  • Module Team Member PSY-20046 Psychology of Crime Investigation & Punishment

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