School Links

The School of Psychology works to develop collaboration with local schools and colleges. In particular, it has established links with those schools that offer A-Level Psychology.

White Water Writers White Water Writers enables groups of up to ten writers to write and publish their own novel within five days. Writers are given an idea for a story on a single side of A4. They take the idea, develop it, draft it, proof it, refine it and polish it. After four and a half days – they publish it.

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Teacher Conference: This one day event is targeted at A-level Psychology teachers. It is designed to provide the teachers with up-to-date information of important areas of research.

Student Conference and Competition: This is a linked event which is designed to engage students and their teachers in a collaborative partnership to enhance students understanding of psychological research.

Chetwynd Centre, Stafford

 Chetwynd centre, Stafford

These initiatives have been developed in collaboration with the Chetwynd Centre, Stafford. The Chetwynd Centre Team:

  • Steve Smith (Head of Collegiate/The Chetwynd Centre)
  • Helene Ansell (Head of Psychology and Head of Student Support) 
  • Val Isaacs (Collaboration Lead).

Year 12 students visit Keele for practical research introduction.

School Links Team

  • Dr. Yvonne Skipper
  • Dr. Julie Hulme
  • Dr. Chris Stiff
  • Professor Michael Murray
  • Ms Domonique Birks