Professor Helen Bedford

Keele Psychology Seminar Series - Professor Helen Bedford

Professor Helen Bedford, University College London


Childhood immunisation: achievements and challenges 


It is widely acknowledged that immunisation is, after clean water, the most effective and affordable means of preventing death and disability from infectious diseases. Many high-income countries have highly successful immunisation programmes with high vaccine uptakes and low disease incidence. However, two challenges remain: ensuring equitable access to vaccination for all children; despite recent improvements, 1 in 10 children globally receive no vaccines. The other challenge is more complex but not new: despite the success of immunisation, we are witnessing a ‘back lash’ partly due to an increase in anti-vaccine sentiment which is threatening the continued success of immunisation programmes in some countries. In Europe there have been large outbreaks of measles, with an estimated 60,000 cases and 70 deaths in 2018. This is a disease which is highly preventable with a cheap, readily available, highly effective and safe vaccine. 

In this seminar, we will review the achievements in the UK of the UK childhood immunisation programme, an example of a successful programme. We will discuss current and future challenges to vaccine programmes more widely and how these might be addressed. 

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Topic: Prof Bedford_Childhood immunisation: achievements and challenges

Time: Feb 17, 2021 01:00 PM London

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