Dr Judith Semon Dubas

Between- and Within-family Differences in the Transition to the Second Child

Children and Young People's Research Network event

Judith Semon Dubas, Ph.D. Utrecht University, The Netherlands

We're pleased to announce the first of our research-based talks for this academic year which will be on Monday 21 October 2019 at 2pm at Keele, in the Dorothy Hodgkin building room 1.30a on the first floor. Professor Dubas is visiting Keele on an ERASMUS teaching mobility. All are welcome: no need to book.

The arrival of the first child is acknowledged as a major transition in a couple’s life yet there is less interest in what happens to families when an additional child arrives. Although several studies find that marital quality changes with the arrival of subsequent children (Twenge, Campbell & Foster, 2003), few studies examine what factors may be associated with these changes. Moreover, very little is known about what factors predict how the first child will react to the newborn. In this presentation I focus on the results of a 4-wave longitudinal study of Dutch two-parent families that were followed from being pregnant with the second child to 1, 13, and 24 months after the birth. In this presentation I focus on a set of studies on this dataset that show: (1) how a series of family interactions with a doll (prior to the birth of the second child) predicts firstborns’ jealousy and initial reaction to the sibling; and (2) how parental involvement with the first child changes when a second child enters the family and how these changes predict changes in marital relationship quality.

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Dorothy Hodgkin, Keele
Children and Young People's Research Network
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