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The School of Psychology works with a wide range schools and colleges across the region. We are able to offer a range of inspirational activities to enhance students’ understanding of Psychology.

Our staff are excellent teachers and world leading researchers on the cutting edge of the newest research in psychology. We can offer a range of sessions both to complement your teaching on A level topics, but also unusual sessions to inspire students with the latest research in psychology.

All sessions are interactive and include activities to engage students. Previous sessions have included: The Psychology of Swearing, Perception, Memory, The Psychology of Superheroes, False Memory and Eyewitness Testimony, Ingroup and Outgroup Conformity Research Methods, Zombie Neuropsychology.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss what would work best for you and your students. Please contact Emma Price (Outreach & Development Manager) on 01782 733646, for further information regarding Keele Psychology outreach.

This event is designed to engage students and their teachers in a collaborative partnership to enhance students’ understanding of psychological research. This a two day event. Students visit us in June and participate in short psychology lectures on a range of topics including a session on research design. Students then design, run and write up their own research project linked to one of the topics. In July, students return to Keele and present their research findings to academic staff. Students who are judged to have run the best project have their research project published in JADE, Keele University's journal.

Helen Ansell, a psychology teacher at the Chetwynd Centre states:

“My colleagues and I firmly believe that the students have learned a lot from this task and this will make A2 research methods so much easier. We are extremely proud of our students and must offer our heartfelt thanks fo Keele University. We look forward to further collaboration next year.”

Date TBC.

This one day event is targeted at A-level Psychology teachers. It is designed to provide teachers with up-to-date information about important areas of research. We also cover topics such as teaching of research methods.

Date TBC.

During the year, we have staff and students collecting data with children and young people as part of their research projects. If you would like to give your students the chance to get involved, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information. All studies have received ethical approval and we can discuss the research with the students to say thank you.

Current studies available in Keele Psychology