7th Keele Counselling Conference 16th to 17th March 2013

Theme: Counselling and the Emotional Life.

This year the theme 'counselling and the emotional life' gave rise to a number of fascinating keynote talks, research papers and workshops.  The conference offered a forum for discussion, exploration and debate around this theme in the areas of counselling and psychotherapy theory, research and practice.  Please follow the links below to access copies of some of the keynote papers, presentations and workshops given at the conference this year (PDF format).

Keynote speakers

  • Peter Cook. Under Two Moons: Observations and reflections on the Emotional Life of the Counselling Relationship
  • Dr. John Hegarty. Nature never betrays the heart that loves her: Reflections on nature, emotions and counselling
  • Peter Pearce, Ros Sewell and Helen Coles. Depression, counselling and the emotional life
  • Colin LagoEmotions - our public and private trajectories: expression, exclusion, experience and empathy

Paper Presentations

  • Terry Burridge. Narnia in the consulting room
  • Rowan Imolc. Clients’ experiences of relational depth during counselling sessions, and how these experiences have influenced life outside the therapeutic relationship
  • Dr. Jane Hunt. Listening to clients’ voices: transgender people’s experiences of seeking and receiving counselling


  • Peter Cook. Meeting the client at emotional depth
  • Máiréad Walsh and Shona Neal. "Who's feeling what? The emotional life of my family of origin."
  • Hil Campbell.  How do you cope with crisis in your life?
  • Peter Pearce and Ros SewellTenuous contact: person centred work with adolescents and teenagers
  • Kathryn KimbleyAnimals in the room: an exploration of animals as providers of core conditions
  • Shona Neal and Máiréad WalshAn exploration of our relationship with our own mortality
  • Linda Barnsley and Diane PheonixInner Child Workshop
  • Colin LagoEmotions- Our public and private trajectories