5th Annual Keele Counselling Psychology Conference 25th to 27th March 2011

Theme: Intimate Encounters Reflections on Counselling Practice, Theory and Research

The conference was attended by over 150 delegates from a number of countries including the UK.   

There were a wide range of keynote talks, presentations and workshops exploring the theme of intimacy. Please follow the links below to access copies of some of the keynote papers, presentations and workshops given at the conference this year (PDF format).

Keynote Speakers

Professor Robert Elliott:  ‘Emotion Focused Therapy: Emotion in the Intimate Encounter of Counselling ’.

Professor Kim Etherington: ‘Narrative Case Study Research: A Client’s Experience of Counselling ’. 

Dr. Lynne Gabriel: ‘Me and My Shadow: Therapist Encounters with Self in Counselling and Psychotherapy’.

Dr. Andrew Reeves: ‘Sir Galahad and Saving the Nation: Research as a Personal Journey ’.

Dr. Maggie Robson: ‘Intimate Encounters: Personal Reflections on Counselling Practice, Theory and Research ’.

Pete Saunders: ‘From the Social Psychology of the Experiment to the Placebo Effect: Research that Therapists Probably are not Familiar with but Should Be’.

Paper Presentations

Sandra Taylor Jane Macaskie
Grant Bardsley Della Austin & Alison Woolf
Evangelia Gkioni & Maria Metaxa Dr. Fevronia Christodoulidi
Lois De Cruz Caroline Midmore
Robin Hadley Sofia Kariotaki
Laura Wright Clive Huntbach

Workshop Presentations (where papers available)

Sally-Anne Bubbers

Dr. Andrew Reeves

Roger Skelhorn


For details of the theme and date of next year’s Counselling conference please contact: Dr. Jane Hunt (j.a.hunt@psy.keele.ac.uk)