4th Annual Keele Counselling Psychology Conference, 26th – 28th March 2010

The 4th Annual Keele Counselling Conference was centred around the theme of ‘Counselling and Transformation’. The conference went extremely well and attracted delegates from around the country. There were a wide range of keynote talks, research papers and workshops addressing the theme of transformation. Please follow the links below to access copies of  some of the keynote papers and presentations given at the conference this year (PDF format).

Keynote Speakers

• Sally Aldridge: The battle for dominance in the psychological therapies: the role of patriarchy and regulation
• Professor Colin Feltham: Micro-changes and radical transformations: what do we mean by transformation?
• Dr. Jane Hunt: Transforming Gender: Sex and Gender discourses in transwomen’s talk
• Professor Michael Murray: Sharing stories: Transforming lives
• Dr. Maggie Robson: She’s only playing! How Play and Play Therapy can Transform Us
• Dr. William West: Working with spirituality in counselling
• Dr Paul Wilkins: Transforming Ourselves and Our Communities: Towards a Practice and Theory of  Person-Centred Sociotherapy

Other presentations included...

Dr Claire Fox
Gret Higgins
Richard Bracegirdle
Robin Hadley
Roger Skelhorn
Sue Pattinson
Lois De Cruz

For details of the theme and date of next year’s conference please contact:

Dr. Jane Hunt (j.a.hunt@keele.ac.uk).