Athena SWAN Team



Role on team

Roles in School (possibly also length of time in School)

Experiences of Work-life balance

Dr Helen Williams


School Athena SWAN Champion


Joined School in 2013

Works full-time.

Prof Michael Murray


Overall responsibility for success of action plan and workload allocation.

Head of School


10 years in the School

Works full-time; married (spouse has a professional career); 2 adult children

Dr Emee Vida Estacio


As School’s Diversity Officer is able to advise on intersectionality issues.

Lecturer in community/health psychology since 2009.

Currently on Research Leave

Works full-time; married with 1 young child. No extended family in the UK (Emee migrated from the Philippines; her husband is from Greece).

Dr Sammyh Khan


As School’s Race Equality Officer is able to advise on intersectionality issues.


Works full-time.

Prof Claire Fox:


Runs and analyses annual staff survey and is also heading up the mentoring review.

Professor (2018)

Senior Lecturer (2010) ;

Lecturer (2005);

Teaching Fellow (2004)

Works full-time (3 days in School; 2 at home); has 2 young children.

Mrs Sarah Stiff


Represents administrative staff

Office Manager

previously worked in the School of Law (7 yrs)

Works full-time; married to an academic member of staff in the School

Dr Alexandra Kent


Responsible for the consideration of PGT and career issues.

Lecturer (since 2012)

Works full-time; married (husband works away from home; tries to balance work-life to avoid impact on weekends)

Mr Andrew Knipe


Represents technical staff and is responsible for maintaining AS website.

Computing Technician (since 2001).

Works full-time; married with 4 children.

Dr Hannah Barjat


Shares good practice between departments and advises on ECU updates etc.

University Athena SWAN Support Officer

Works part-time; (0.6 FTE) married with 2 children

Dr Lois de Cruz:


Represents Counselling staff

Lecturer in Counselling. Recently completed a PhD in the School (part-time over 6 years) 

Works part-time;

Married, 2 adult sons, also a carer for her elderly parents.

Ms Domonique Birks


Line manager for administrative and technical staff. Responsible for advising on developing actions for support staff.

Senior School Manager.

Works full-time with 3 children.

Ms Kara Holloway


Represents PG students on the SAT


Has a career-young perspective.

Mr Nick Garnett



Represents PG students on the SAT


Full-time PhD student; engaged with young children.
Has a career-young perspective.

Ms Steph Lonsdale


Represent UG students

Steph is a 3rd year UG. She returned to education at the age of 44 via an HE access course. She is a student ambassador.

Steph is married and her spouse has a full time professional career. She has 2 children, one aged 22 and the other aged 15.

Mr Ryan Stanyard


Represents UG students

Ryan is a 2nd Yr UG. He is a student ambassador.