Qualitative research laboratory


DH1.46 Meeting Room
The meeting room seats up to 8 people around a central table. There is a large screen on one wall for displaying video data or other visual material. The screen has connections to a PC set up on a separate desk in the corner of the room and for a laptop to be connected. This makes it a useful space for small group teaching, planning meetings, discussions and informal presentations.
DH1.46 has a specially designed speaker system to optimise the playback quality of spoken interaction. Additionally there are 6 headphone ports arranged around the edge of the room to permit up to 6 users to listen to the same source material through headphones at the same time. This makes it a brilliant venue for small data sessions and collaborative analysis meetings.

During term time, DH1.46 is regularly used for weekly DRT meetings and for BSc and MSc project supervision meetings. Ad hoc data sessions are also held there on occasions. Staff have been known to use it as a quiet refuge for when they are marking work and students can reserve the room as a place to work with a large table on which to spread out lots of papers and materials.

DH1.47 Analysis Lab
The analysis lab is right next door to the meeting room. It is sometimes used as a break out room for practical exercises during training sessions. There is space for 5 people to work in the analysis lab at any one time. The Lab contains three PC computers and one Mac computer. Both staff and students can book time on these computers for conducting individual or group analysis. They are particularly useful for editing digital audio and video data. The lab is also useful as temporary office space for research staff working on QRL / DRT research projects.