Equipment store

Students have access to a wide store of research equipment which incudes items such as: 

  • BioPac - The BIOPAC MP36R is a four-channel data acquisition system for life science research. The system features built-in universal amplifiers can record a wide range of physiological signals, a stimulator, audio output, external trigger and digital I/O lines, and is suitable for a wide variety of physiology and life science research applications.
  • Neuropsychological test library
  • Black Box Toolkit & Robotic Response Key Actuator
  • Polar RS400 wristwatch and chest strap heart rate monitors
  • Re-circulating water bath and refrigeration unit
  • Lion Alcolmeter 500 Breathalyzer - The breathaylzer analyses deep lung air using fuel cell technology which ensures highly accurate results for alcohol whilst eliminating cross reaction of other substances. 
  • Mirror drawing apparatus