About the School of Psychology

Psychology was first taught at Keele in 1953 and a psychology department created in 1963. Over the years we have grown into a School and now have approximately 600 undergraduates and 100 postgraduates.

The School has over 20 full time academic staff who undertake teaching and research, 10 part time specialist staff and tutors and 10 support staff.

Laboratory and computing facilities

The school of Psychology is located in the Dorothy Hodgkin building in the centre of the campus. The School has laboratory space for experimental research in the areas of cognition, perception, health, social and developmental psychology.  Eye-movement tracking and EEG facilities are available and there is an observation room suite with advanced video recording and editing facilities.  Every research student has access to schooll and university computing facilities.

In addition the School has access to facilities in local settings arising from many active links and collaborations, especially in social, health, clinical and educational psychology.