Institute welcomes first visiting Fellows

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Posted on 09 March 2017

Keele’s Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences (ILAS) has awarded its first four visiting Fellowships, and is looking forward to welcoming them to Keele later in the year.

The new Institute Fellowship Scheme encourages innovative collaborations involving scholars with well-established, or strongly developing, international reputations from different backgrounds and disciplines.

The first four Fellowships bring together poetry and gerontology, medical science and engineering, pharmacy and archeology, and education and leadership, in a range of exciting and creative endeavours.

Professor Jonathan Wastling, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Postgraduate Studies) and Director of the Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences said:

“The new Institute Fellowship Scheme is an exciting development which will add a further stimulus to interdisciplinary work at Keele. We look forward to welcoming our new visiting Fellows and their involvement and contribution to the life and work of the institute.”

The purpose of the Fellowships is that the time spent at Keele will inspire new interdisciplinary thinking, activity and tangible outcomes which are jointly planned and agreed at the outset by the research partners.

During their visits, Fellows will have the opportunity to engage fully with Keele life and share their work in progress as part of the Institute programme. Find out more about our visiting fellows, their Keele hosts and the work they are planning on the Institute Fellowship Scheme web pages.

The Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences Fellowship scheme has now reopened for applications for fellowships to be undertake in the academic year 2017/18 . Full details of the scheme and how to apply can also be found on the Institute web pages.

The first four fellows, who will be here at Keele from May to December 2017, are:

Dr Cristina Devecchi

Dr Cristina Devecchi

Dr Cristina Devecchi, visiting from The University of Northampton, will be hosted by Dr Jackie Potter, Head of Learning and Professional Development at Keele in July and September 2017

During her visit, Cristina and Jackie will strengthen and extend their successful and established collaboration ‘Leading Change together’ funded by the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education in 2016.

Dr Thibaut Deviese

Dr Thibaut Deviese

Dr Thibaut Deviese, visiting from the University of Oxford, will be hosted by Dr Szu Shen Wong, in the School of Pharmacy during October to December 2017.

During his visit, Thibaut will be working with Szu on questions which emerged from their collaboration on a previous AHRC project. The work will focus on product formulation and the absorption of the active ingredients and will determine whether they have the potential to be reintroduced into today’s pharmaceutical market.

Leah Thorn

Leah Thorne

Spoken word poet Leah Thorn will be visiting during May to July 2017 and her academic hosts will be Dr Dana Rosenfeld, School of Social Sciences and Public Policy at Keele, and Kerry Jones, Keele’s Arts Officer.

During her visit Leah, Dana and Kerry will develop a new interdisciplinary project combining poetry workshops with peer counselling to encourage the expression and presentation of women’s ageing related experiences and concerns and to build supportive connections in later life.

Professor Michael Somekh

Professor Michael Somekh

Professor Michael Somekh, visiting from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, will be hosted by Professor Melissa Mather, Professor of Medical Imaging at the Institute of Science and Technology in Medicine, in July 2017.

During his visit, Michael and Melissa will be working on developing and testing a range of light microscopy techniques which will enable scientists to observe living cells and how they function in the smallest detail and with minimal invasion and disruption to the cell processes.