High Sheriff of Staffordshire visits Keele, his ancestral family home

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Posted on 27 July 2017

Humphrey David Sneyd Scott-Moncrieff DL, the current High Sheriff of Staffordshire, recently paid a visit to Keele University and enjoyed a tour of his ancestral family home, Keele Hall.

Humphrey, who was appointed to the role of High Sheriff in April 2017, is related to the Sneyd family who owned and occupied the Keele estate from 1544 to 1948. Humphrey’s branch of the Sneyds left Keele in 1790, but did not go far, settling in Staffordshire Moorlands.

 The Keele estate was originally purchased by William Sneyd, and his family moved to the estate in 1544. The estate was then owned continuously by the Sneyd family for over 400 years, until acquisition by the Stoke-on-Trent Corporation in 1948. For more information about the Sneyds of Keele, see our Oral History project pages.

Humphrey’s role as The High Sheriff is a year-long service to Queen and County to support the Judiciary, the Police, and all matters relating to law and order and to keeping Staffordshire safe. Whilst attending graduation ceremonies as part of his formal duty as High Sheriff, Humphrey took a short tour of the estate and Keele Hall with his wife Judy.

Reflecting on the role Keele University has to play in Staffordshire, Humphrey commented:

“Staffordshire should be really proud of having a first-grade university. So many counties don’t have a university like this, and it’s so important as it completes the county. It brings people in, and gives the county status.”