Keele MBA

Posted on 23 September 2014

Business Managers are invited to join Keele University's MBA course, which is designed for those with a minimum 3 years management experience and provides the core material expected from a high quality MBA programme.

The Keele MBA starts in November and is designed to provide an integrated knowledge of the core disciplines of management and, focusing on concerns of leadership, organisation and relationships at work, a comprehensive appreciation of the art and craft of management.  Keele MBA graduates will therefore possess heightened management awareness and increased personal confidence, enabling them to discuss complex problems meaningfully and coherently. They will have developed higher level leadership, communication and interpersonal skills and have the motivation to implement change and to effectively improve management and organisational practices.

The programme is taught in small groups, not in large lecture theatres which means that Keele Management School is able to offer a more personal style of teaching tailored to individual needs and experience with access to, and support from, the MBA Programme Director, Dr Paul Forrester.  Paul comments: “We want our MBA graduates to become independent thinkers who contextualise management practice rather than apply simplistic prescriptions or run blindly with the latest business fad."

Successful completion of the MBA will enhance future career prospects, develop management awareness and provide an integrated knowledge of the core disciplines of management, leadership, organisation and relationships at work.

As a part-time programme it is designed to fit into the schedules of busy working executives with all teaching taking place at weekends at Keele. It is taught over a two year period and comprises nine taught modules, each running Friday to Sunday with reading and assignment preparation to complete between modules.  Modules are assessed by a combination of assignments and formal examinations.

Contact for further details:  Course Director, Dr Paul Forrester,