Keele hits zero landfill waste target

Posted on 24 September 2014

Keele University has hit its target of sending no campus waste direct to landfill by August 2014 as part of its new partnership with Biffa Waste Services Ltd to dispose of its waste.

The University set itself the ambitious target of reaching zero waste-direct- to-landfill following a review of its waste management in November 2010. The findings of this review began a University-wide programme which is the product of four years hard work with the appointment of Biffa to dispose of remaining waste in an environmentally friendly way. There has been a strong focus as well to reduce waste at source. Last year students donated over two tonnes of discarded items to the British Heart Foundation to raise funds.

“By the end of the 2013 academic year alone, we were recycling 40% of the waste on campus,” says Huw Evans, Environmental Manager at Keele. “With our new partnership we’ve hit our target of zero waste-to-landfill before the start of this academic year – a great reward for four years of hard work. And that’s down to efforts across the campus – students and staff included.

“Along the way towards our zero waste-direct-to-landfill aim, we have hit all our targets as well as been able to educate students on the importance of waste management. All of the recycling and waste management initiatives set up on campus have been well received across the University.”

As part of the project the halls of residents and university catering buildings installed extra bins to separate dry recyclables, glass and waste at the first step of the waste chain. Any waste left over is now dealt with by Biffa, who process it in a sustainable way.

“This project is one of a number of programmes we have on campus at the moment to improve awareness, action and participation in sustainable and green activities amongst the Keele University community.” Huw Evans continues, “The number of Keele campus residents and students who have taken part in this push to fulfil our ambition has been fantastic. We have now achieved and, most importantly, able to maintain zero waste-direct-to-landfill, to keep Keele green.”