Causes of memory disorder in Parkinson’s

Posted on 02 October 2014

Professor Nicky Edelstyn, School of Psychology at Keele University, will give the opening lecture in Keele's programme of Inaugural Professorial Lectures 2014-15, on Tuesday, 14 October 2014, in the Westminster Theatre, Chancellor's Building, on the University campus. The title of her lecture is: "Causes of memory disorder in Parkinson’s".

Professor Edelstyn said:"We still know relatively little about how the brain learns and remembers. Yet remarkable progress has been made in understanding normal memory through studying clinical populations with memory disorder. Although not generally associated with memory decline, Parkinson’s research has helped both inform our understanding of normal memory as well as how it breaks down.

"My aim for this inaugural lecture is to provide a flavour of what’s going on in this fast moving field, the contribution my collaborators and I have made, our plans for the future and how such work can translate into the clinical context and inform the management and rehabilitation of people with Parkinson’s."

Keele's programme of Inaugural Lectures are given by newly established professors within the University and aim to give an illuminating account of the speaker's own subject specialism. The lectures, which start at 6 pm in the Westminster Theatre, are chaired by the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Nick Foskett.

This lecture is free and open to all.