Keele University staff produce online tool to help pupils revise

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Posted on 25 April 2013

Staff from Keele University’s School of Pharmacy and Bioengineering have teamed up with Stoke-on-Trent brand, digital and design agency Exesios to develop an online tool to help teachers produce interactive revision quizzes.

The idea for KUiz came from senior lecturer Dr Alan Richardson's experience in teaching undergraduates at Keele University School of Pharmacy. He wanted to support student learning by providing quizzes that made an overt link to the material presented in teaching sessions.

He said: “We found that our students responded very well to this method of learning and thought it would be something that schools and colleges would find useful too.”

A chance meeting with Exesios’s Paul Brammer enabled Alan and Luke Bracegirdle, also from the School of Pharmacy, to create a web and smartphone application that allows instructors to take their teaching presentations and turn them into interactive online quizzes (or KUizzes) for students.

Instructors can conceal areas of their slides and assign questions to them. Students can access the KUiz via the web, iPhone app or Android app and study at any time via their smartphones.

Undergraduate pharmacy student Josh Mallinder said: “KUiz is a simple but totally effective way of revising anywhere, anytime.”

The pricing for KUiz is based on the maximum number of student accounts a school wishes to serve. See for more information.