Film for Indian Applicants to the UK Universities

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Posted on 03 December 2013

Over 70 years after International Students Day was first marked in London by the International Students Council, UK universities launched a new film aimed at helping the most talented Indian students better understand the process of applying to the UK’s world-leading universities.

The project is a unique collaboration between UK universities, the British Council in Delhi and the Home Office to follow current students as they embark on their journey to study in the UK.

Both students – Arshi Aggarwal and Angesh Anupam -  featured in the film are now successfully studying in the UK. Arshi, 25, from New Delhi said:

“I would really like to encourage other international students just like me to come and study here in the UK – people are extremely warm and welcoming, which has really helped to make the transition of leaving my family and friends a lot easier. Also, the application process was pretty smooth for me – I did not encounter any issues while seeking admission or after the process.”