Whole Earth Exhibition - UK Launch at Keele

Posted on 01 February 2012

Keele University is the venue for the official UK launch of a new display of the ground breaking, internationally acclaimed touring exhibition, Hard Rain. The original exhibition has been expanded to include 'Whole Earth? - Aligning human systems and natural systems'.

Set outdoors, adjacent to the Claus Moser Building, students, staff and visitors will see powerful photography and words illustrating both our global problems and the solutions available to us – 'if there is the political will to invest in sustainable technologies and development strategies around the world.'

In 2006 environmental photographer, Mark Edwards, launched an exhibition of photographs, in collaboration with Bob Dylan, entitled Hard Rain. It explored the state of the planet with each line of Dylan's song, Hard Rain, being illustrated by an image. The new display, Whole Earth? presents solutions to the problems highlighted in Hard Rain, but governments need grass-roots support  if they are to scale up these solutions and move towards sustainable development.
The official opening of the exhibition will take place on Thursday, 9 February at 3pm, with Jonathon Porritt, who will be installed as our new Chancellor at a ceremony earlier in the day, and creator Mark Edwards, which will be followed by Mark's inspirational talk, Hard Rain: Whole Earth? at 4pm in the Westminster Theatre. All are welcome. Admission is free.