The Porcelain of Miles Mason 1798-1813

Posted on 05 July 2012

A unique exhibition of early Miles Mason porcelain has been mounted at the Raven Mason Collection in historic Keele Hall as part of the 50th Anniversary celebrations recording the award of Keele’s Charter providing it with University status.

The exhibition has been created in collaboration with members of The Mason’s Collectors Club who are also celebrating their 40th Anniversary.

The Mason family of potters brought international fame to themselves and the local Staffordshire Potteries with the introduction of their Patent Ironstone China but their early success in porcelain production is not so well known.

Consequently many rare and important examples have been generously loaned from all over the country for this special exhibition of porcelain. The theme of the exhibition illustrates the wide variety of decorating techniques and design styles employed by Miles Mason during this short period of porcelain tableware production 1798-1813.

Harry Frost the curator of the Raven Mason Trust has been instrumental in putting this exhibition together and creating the accompanying Exhibition Guide.

Harry states: “If you are fascinated by the evolution of early porcelain, fine craftsmanship, or simply captivated by patterns reminiscent of the Jane Austen period you will adore this exhibition, there is something for everyone”. This exhibition will attract lots of interest and a warm welcome is extended to everyone, especially former Mason’s factory employees”.

Should any organization wish to make a group booking on another day this could also be arranged. For further details contact Susie Garner 01782734169.

The Exhibition may be viewed free of charge at:

The Raven Mason Suite, Keele Hall, Keele University ST5 5BG;

between the hours of 10am – 4pm on the following days:


Monday 9th July

Tuesday 10th July

Wednesday 11th July

Thursday 12th July

Thursday 9th August

Sunday 9th September

Thursday 4th October

Thursday 1st November

Saturday 1st December


Car parking is available                                       Access for the Disabled