Learning from Sir David Weatherall

Posted on 03 October 2012
Sir David is a wonderful role model for all those aspiring to a career in academic medicine."

A special lecture in honour of Keele University’s former Chancellor, Professor Sir David Weatherall, will be given at the University on Wednesday 10 October at 6 pm.

This lecture, by Professor Sir Alex Markham in the School of Medicine Lecture Theatre, marks the occasion of the naming of the Keele University Medical School Building in honour of Sir David Weatherall, Chancellor of the University from 2002-2012.

In the lecture, “Making Medicine Molecular: learning from Sir David Weatherall”, Sir Alex will celebrate the many, many contributions of Sir David to academic medicine, throughout his extraordinary career. The task, said Sir Alex, is a daunting one, as anybody who has had an involvement of any kind with medicine over the past 50 years will fully appreciate.

Sir Alex, who has made significant contributions to medical science in various fields and is Professor of Medicine at the University of Leeds, said: “The awesome scale of Sir David’s output makes it difficult to do him full justice in a single address.

“Sir David’s influence has extended across the spectrum from clinical practice at the highest levels to laboratory science sustained at the absolute forefront of international research efforts, for over 50 years. His leadership contributions in academic medicine have been immense and extend worldwide. He seems to be as active and productive now, as he approaches his 9th decade, as he has always been.

“Sir David has maintained his commitment to the mentorship and inspiration of young clinicians in training throughout his career. Speaking on behalf of the literally thousands who have benefitted from his wisdom and guidance in the past, we cannot ever thank him enough. So Sir David will not be thanking me if this lecture in his honour does not interest and motivate on his behalf, the current generation of doctors now learning their trade in the Medical School named after him!

“Sir David is a wonderful role model for all those aspiring to a career in academic medicine. His modesty and achievements should be an inspiration to all who teach and learn in this wonderful building, for years and years to come.”