Free conference at Keele University throws spotlight on history curriculum

Posted on 07 November 2012

Keele University has teamed up with Stoke-on-Trent Central MP Tristram Hunt to host a free national conference for history teachers.

The event, “Joined Up Teaching”, is aimed at everyone with a passion for teaching history who wants to develop their own subject knowledge of the topics they teach at GCSE and A Level.

The day will provide an opportunity for academics and school history teachers to join together in developing their understanding of how they work with young people to study the past.

At a time when the nature of the subject and its place in the school curriculum is being reviewed by national government, Keele’s Centre for Successful Schools will share the results of a nationwide survey reporting on the views of those most directly involved in teaching history, the teachers and academics.

TV historian Michael Wood will open the conference with a keynote speech followed by a presentation by Dr Robert Poole and Dr Arthur Chapman who will introduce the conference to the History Virtual Academy - an innovative way of connecting A Level students with university academics.

The planned workshops will grapple with some of the more contentious aspects of teaching Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia, India, the Tudors and the independent study. Although the focus will primarily be upon A level, all history teachers are encouraged to come to develop their own subject knowledge at a time when subject knowledge has made a strong appearance in the new Teachers' Standards.

Each workshop will be facilitated by a school colleague from the Keele partnership and an academic from a range of different universities including Queen Mary's, Royal Holloway, Cambridge, Keele, Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam. Book publishers and A level examination boards will be represented on the day.

Tristram Hunt MP said: “The day is a chance for those passionate about history education to come together and share ideas about the future of their subject in the convivial surroundings of Keele Hall and to come away feeling valued, supported and energised by the debates they have engaged in.”

To book a place at the event, which takes place on Thursday, November 29, go to The survey of history teachers is open until Friday, November 9 at