Preventing Domestic Abuse: Working with Children and Young People

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Posted on 07 June 2011

Keele University, in collaboration with the University of Manchester and University of Bath, is hosting an event on 24th June 2011 which focuses on the prevention of domestic abuse.

The event will bring together more than 40 delegates who represent both local and national organisations in the areas of domestic abuse research, policy and practice.

The workshop’s presentations will focus on working with children and young people in reducing their risk of becoming involved in domestic abuse as adolescents and adults. 

The event will include a presentation on the first stage of the ‘From Boys to Men’ research study. This study, led by Prof. David Gadd (University of Manchester), Dr. Claire Fox (Keele University) and Prof. Ian Butler (University of Bath), explores why some boys grow up to be domestic abuse perpetrators when others do not and how we can change the attitudes and feelings that give rise to abusive tendencies among adolescents.

The first presentation of the study’s findings focuses on the emerging results from an evaluation of ‘Relationships without Fear’ (RWF), a school-based intervention programme on healthy relationships and domestic abuse prevention, delivered by Arch North Staffs. RWF explores how positive and healthy relationships, free from fear and abuse, can be formed and aims to prevent domestic abuse by giving young people the knowledge, skills and advice to enable them to recognise an abusive relationship. 

Further contributions at the event will be made by individuals from organisations across the country, representing best practice in working with children and young people in the prevention of domestic abuse. These include Susie McDonald (Tender), Ben van Wagtendonk (Barnardos), Kate Howard (Arch North Staffs), Emma Hathaway (NIDAS), Jason Upton and Dimpi Hirani (Respond) and Thangam Debbonaire (Consultant).  Throughout the day, these presentations and panel discussions will explore the question of effective prevention in the context of the Government’s Call to End Violence Against Women.  

Download the Programme - Preventing Domestic Abuse, June 24th 2011