Online Survey on the Management of Patient Adherence

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Posted on 30 June 2011

Researchers at Keele University have launched an online survey to learn about health care professionals’ (doctors, pharmacists and nurses) approach to supporting patients with taking medicines and promoting adherence.

Dr Wendy Clyne and colleagues at NPC Plus, Keele University, are coordinating the survey which is part of a larger project on medicines adherence called the ‘ABC project’ ( funded by the European Commission. The survey is taking place in countries across Europe including Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Poland, Switzerland, The Netherlands and England. The survey will run until the autumn, 2011.

The survey aims to investigate health care professionals’ perceptions of the extent and nature of non-adherence, as well as the things that health care professionals do to support patients with medication taking. The study also aims to find out about any barriers to supporting adherence as reported by doctors, pharmacists and nurses.

Dr Clyne, Head of the Medicines Partnership Programme at NPC Plus, said ‘With more patients taking medicines than ever before, encouraging patients to get the most out of their medicines is essential to avoid unnecessary ill health as well as reduce waste and unnecessary cost. We are really interested to find out what healthcare professionals do to support patients with medicine taking, and how effective they think their actions are. At the end of the study we should have a really clear picture of the role of these three key professional groups in supporting patients with medicines, how that support fits together, and whether we have a consistent picture across Europe, or whether there are variations in practice from one country to another.’

The results of the study, which is set to be the largest study of the management of medication adherence in Europe, will be used to inform teaching and learning for healthcare professionals, inform future service design, and make sure that skills mix in adherence support is optimised.

GPs, community pharmacists and nurses working in primary care and community settings are invited to participate in this anonymous online survey. The survey should take no more than 20 minutes to complete. SURVEY NOW CLOSED.

Further information can be obtained from Comfort Mshelia on 01782 734794 or by sending an email to

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