Keele University researchers seek patients’ views on medicines

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Posted on 25 March 2011

Researchers at Keele University have launched a survey to find out the views of patients who are currently being prescribed tablets for high blood pressure.

Dr Wendy Clyne and colleagues at NPC Plus, School of Pharmacy, are carrying out this online survey as part of a European project that aims to produce evidence-based recommendations for European policymakers for better use of medicines.

Dr Clyne said:  “It is widely reported that only about 50% of medicines that are prescribed are taken as recommended.  By finding out more about the potential reasons for patients not taking their medicines, we will add to the understanding of patient behaviour, and will lay a solid foundation for the development of interventions that aim to improve patients’ use of medicines.” 

“The survey is being conducted across 17 countries, and we hope as many people as possible from England will take part.”

Members of the public, currently being prescribed tablets for high blood pressure, aged 18 and over, with access to the internet, are invited to take part in the online survey to share their views and experiences of taking these tablets. The survey will run until Autumn 2011.