Keele students show their entrepreneurial spirit

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Posted on 15 September 2011
“As students ourselves we developed YOUniversity as a concept which was created with students’ needs in mind."

Keele University students and aspiring entrepreneurs, Graham Fisher and David Yodaiken, are making their dreams become reality, by setting up their own online business customising and delivering student starter packs; equipping students with everything they need for university.

As an alternative to travelling or temping over the summer months, the two second year students decided to establish YOUniversity, after realising that there was a gap in the market to reduce the stress and cost of moving to university.

Offering a customisable and affordable online service with a diverse product range that includes everything from frying pans to pillows to sweets, YOUniversity has become an overnight success as new students prepare for the autumn semester at university.

Co-Director and Biochemistry and Human Biology student Graham Fisher, 20, said: “The summer break from University provided us with the time to fully concentrate on running a business, which we felt could give us much greater long-term rewards than letting the summer just pass by.”

Graham added: “As students ourselves we developed YOUniversity as a concept which was created with students’ needs in mind.

“We realise that every student is individual and what each student wants for university is a personal choice, which we can help facilitate.”

Business partner and Psychology and Philosophy undergraduate, David Yodaiken, 19, said: “Our low cost and our ability to customise our packs in a multitude of ways is what sets us aside from our competitors, making us individual, just like our customers.”

Head of Research and Enterprise Services at Keele University, Peter Hooper, said: “Graham and David are great examples of enterprising and entrepreneurial students, who have the vision, ambition and ability to make things happen.

“They've come up with a brilliant, yet simple, business idea and have set it up in a way that allows them to run it in parallel with their studies.

“We've given them a few pointers and a bit of advice, but to be honest, with their drive and enthusiasm, they've needed very little help.  They're certainly a team to watch for the future."

The friendly and understanding approach taken by the two entrepreneurs has aided their introduction to selling to the student community.

Current student and YOUniversity customer Abi Welsh, 20, said: “I used YOUniversity because of the large choice of products they gave me for such a low price.”

She added: “I was able to choose exactly what I wanted to take to university, and knew that I would get everything I needed well within my student budget.”

Having two years left of university, Graham and David plan to continue to develop the business alongside their studies.


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