Head of School's Welcome

Welcome to the School of Pharmacy at Keele University. I hope that you find our website as helpful and informative as you require. If there is any information that you are unable to find or any question you feel is unanswered, then do please call or send a message to us and we will do all we can to help.  You can find our contact details from the menu on the left.

The School of Pharmacy at Keele is focused on providing the most up to date training and experience in Pharmacy for all of our students, this includes our MPharm students and to all of those who are developing their careers and wish to train and study further, through our comprehensive program of post graduate courses including our PhD research programs and the new DPharm. Our aim is to ensure that students see every opportunity and avenue that exists for Pharmacists and gain a truly international as well as UK perspective.

We explore opportunities, not just in the UK, but those opportunities that exist overseas and in the broader field of pharmacy, in Industry, research and development, in the commercial sector and in primary and secondary care. We pride ourselves in providing exposure to "reality" for students, through contact with patients, explanation and teaching of what is happening in the NHS and what is happening in the provision of medicines, their management and manufacture globally. Keele is world famous for its expertise in Medicines Management and is well recognised for its contribution in this space. We recognise the changes that are occurring in the registration globally of pharmaceutical products and how the global industry is changing as a consequence. Whatever area of pharmacy you choose to practise in, we aim to equip you with a solid introduction so that you will feel comfortable and able to contribute from the start of your career.

The School of Pharmacy at Keele makes every effort to ensure the student is clear as to where information resides, it prides itself in using new technologies to enhance the learning process and experience, yet maintains the all important tutoring and mentoring.

All of the above is set against the backdrop of being on the largest single campus in the UK, set in beautiful countryside yet providing a real fun and community experience with all the facilities you would wish to have.

Welcome to our website and I hope to welcome you soon to our campus.

Professor Nigel T Ratcliffe,
B.Pharm. Ph.D. DMS, FBIRA, FRPharmS. CBiol, MSB. MCMI.
Head of School