KAVE (Keele Active Virtual Environment)

The KAVE is a physical room where three dimensional ‘stereoscopic’ visuals display on three walls and the floor, to create a computer generated virtual environment. A student wears active 3D glasses and a lightweight head & hand tracking unit. The computer generated visuals respond to your position in the KAVE and it allows you to ‘pick up’ and interact with digital objects.

We are using the KAVE to enhance the learning experience in other subjects in the Pharmacy syllabus. Using open-source ‘PyMol’ software, the student can “float” complex molecules in the KAVE and move them around to view receptor sites. This has been used to great effect when teaching kinases in pharmacology. We have also licensed a virtual body which can show anatomy and physiology in detail as the various “layers” – skin, neural networks, muscle, skeleton and organs can be isolated, dissected and illustrated in three-dimensions.

We are developing systems to use 3D environments online with the use of 3D laptop technology, stereoscopic projectors and web browser plugin technology.