Mr Luke Bracegirdle

Title: Head of Digital & Business Analytics
Phone: 01782 734135
Location: Hornbeam Building, Room 2.04
Contacting me: Email
Luke Bracegirdle

I joined the Dept. of Medicines Management in 1995 to provide IT support in respect of the school's service commitment to the NHS on prescribing analysis and across the range of school undergraduate and postgraduate activities. I now lead our digital development team in the development of interactive e-learning resources for online, mobile platforms and immersive, 3D learning spaces for clinical simulation. I also develop digital resources that use analytics to inform further development of digital resources, student recruitment, learner performance and commercial activity.

The digital team maintain and develop applications for the Keele Active Virtual Environment or 'KAVE'. This is a 3D stereoscopic teaching and learning facility in the School, which was shortlisted for the prestigious Times Higher Education awards for Outstanding ICT Initiative of the Year in 2013. My research & design in this area, led to the the use of human computer interfaces (HCI) with computer generated characters (or avatars) for healthcare training, where the learner can ‘speak’ with a virtual characters via multiple-choice questions, natural (‘free-text’) and voice over IP software.

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