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Pathology providers are coming under increasing pressure to provide comparable and meaningful benchmarking data to their host Trust/Organisation, their customers, and the 'wider world'.  Not only are benchmarking data seen as a way to measure performance and to identify areas for improvement and cost saving, but they are increasingly being used to demonstrate the value of the Pathology service on the wider health economy.

The Keele University Benchmarking Service (KUBS) have been delivering the Pathology Laboratory Benchmarking programme to NHS organisations in the UK since 1994, and are the only organisation in the UK to provide such information.  This service is peer reviewed and guided by specialty panels in each discipline, all of whom represent professional bodies including the Royal College of Pathologists and Institute for Biomedical Science (IBMS), and has been developed through feedback from its members.

The all-new Pathology Laboratory Benchmarking programme could help your department achieve cost savings and efficiency gains, inform demand optimisation and resource planning strategies, help demonstrate the impact you have on the wider hospital and on patient outcomes, and will provide essential information on how the hospital and patient population you serve impact on your service.

Gaining access to relevant comparable benchmarking data is now more critical than ever, and with the added value the new Keele service provides, non-participants could find themselves at a severe disadvantage when tackling the upcoming challenges posed by the new world of transformation and reconfiguration.

KUBS have also now launched their new Primary Care Pathology Benchmarking Service, which reports monthly data at GP practice and CCG level for the GPs you provide a service to for around 30 key marker tests.  These tests are then analysed against relevant patient groups and demographic factors, and mapped against appropriate outcomes measures... for example, HbA1c tests per diabetes patient compared with deprivation score, correlating against the number of diabetes related emergency admissions and average length of stay.

Based on solid research evidence, including contributions towards a number of recent research publications, the Primary Care Pathology Benchmarking Service is an invaluable Demand Optimisation tool which helps the Laboratory to work with their primary care customers to deliver cost savings and better patient outcomes to the populations that they serve.

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