Centre for Medicines Optimisation

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NICE Endorsed Tool Launched to Support Patients and Doctors in Shared Decision-Making

People with atrial fibrillation (AF) are set to benefit from an innovative online decision support tool launched this week. The tool encourages partnership between them and their healthcare professional when reaching a decision about the use of anticoagulant medicines to reduce their risk of stroke.
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Medicines Optimisation seeks to maximise health gain through the optimum use of medicines. It encompasses all aspects of medicines use, from the prescribing of medicines to the ways in which medicines are taken or not taken by patients.

Medicines Optimisation offers a varied and stimulating environment in which to work. Disciplines represented include pharmacy, medicine, epidemiology, pharmaco-economics, statistics, geography and sociology.

The School is the home of the Centre for Medicines Optimisationa not-for-profit organisation providing tailored, cost-effective, prescribing support solutions to the NHS.  Working with GPs, commissioners and local medicines management teams, our services include:   

  • Prescribing data analysis

  • Clinical evaluation (critical appraisal) services

  • Medicines optimisation and prescribing education

  • Medicines optimisation strategic action planning

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The centre is also home to the Midlands Therapeutics Review and Advisory Committee (MTRAC) which advises local GPs on the introduction of new therapies to primary care. We have particular expertise in the areas of review and evaluation of clinical evidence, data analysis, evidence-based guidance and education outreach.

We have a thriving research programme in the following areas:

  • Pharmaco-epidemiology
  • Medicines policy 
  • Concordance
  • Drug misuse

These themes form the focus for students following our MSc, MPhil and PhD programmes.

The centre publishes its work extensively in the form of reports, articles in peer-reviewed and professional journals, presentations at national conferences and education/information briefings.