Sustainable Pharmacy

The Sustainable Pharmacy interdisciplinary research group draws on expertise in all areas of science and medicine, nucleated around the research interests of ISTM members in Keele's School of Pharmacy. It addresses sustainable healthcare and pharmacy issues identified by the Government Steering group on the Improving the use of Medicines (for better outcomes and reduced waste). These priorities include:

  • Involvement of patients in decisions about their treatment to help them use their medicines effectively
  • Reduction of the scale and cost of medicines waste
  • Optimisation of the supply and use of medicines, including optimisation in the synthesis and production of medicines.
  • Reduction in the harm associated with medication use.
  • Enhanced use of the Pharmacist in the community (including in implementing Public Health priorities) and in the developing healthcare setting.

Sustainable Pharmacy group lead: Dr David Morgan                  Sustainable Pharmacy Group members

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News features


Seminar on polymers by Chinese visitor

Posted on 24 June 2016 Professor Haichen Wu, from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, visited the GHRC to speak to ISTM members about his work on conjugated polymers.