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The Nanopharmaceutics group within the Institute for Science and Technology for Medicine and School of Pharmacy was set up by Dr Clare Hoskins. The group consists of academics, PhD students and MPhil students. The focus of our work is to fabricate novel nano-sized systems for the formulation and delivery agents of interest both in the fields of nanomedicine and environmental nanoscience.

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Recent News


  • The Annual Keele Nanopharmaceutics Symposium is on 5th July this year, to register please contact
  • Clare is on the organising committee for the SoapBox Science being held in Stoke on Trent in July 2019. This event is aimed at encouraging women into science.
  • Clare will be Chairing an evening of Pint of Science being held in Stoke on Trent in April 2019. This event is aimed at bringing the scientific research from Keele University to the local people in the region in an informal atmosphere with the aim to hopefully gain public understanding of our work.
  • Clare is guest editing a ‘Cancer Nanomedicine’ special edition in MPDI Cancers, this is an open call until 31st October 2019
  • Clare will be presenting her work at the Cancer Nanomedicine Gordon Research Conference in Vermont, USA in June 2019
  • Clare will be presenting the groups work to the School of Chemistry, Queen Mary University London in May 2019
  • The BBSRC Newton Fund in collaboration with FABESP Brazil application lead by Professor Toby Bruce with Professor William Kirk and Dr Clare Hoskins has been awarded a further £300k in their 2019 Stage 2 application for 'Novel delivery of phytochemicals for sustainable crop protection'. This will build on their existing work and allow for an additional 2 years of collaborative work with UFSCAR and UNESP Brazil.

Further Information

For further information on the Nanopharmaceutics group:

Joining Keele Nanopharmaceutics

We welcome applications from students who wish to undertake PhD postgraduate studies in this team. Former, and current, postgraduate students include UK nationals as well as overseas students from the Middle East and India, undertaking full-time studies in our laboratories. Interested students can contact Clare directly on to discuss potential projects as well as the application process for these degrees.

Collaboration With Keele Nanopharmaceutics

We are always interested in fostering new collaborations and expanding our application and knowledge base. For interested parties please contact Clare directly on


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