Professor praised by hospital colleagues

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Dr Josep Sule-Suso
Posted on 30 November 2016
Prof Josep Sulé-Suso, Professor of Oncology, has been praised by his clinical colleagues at the University Hospital of North Midlands for his hard work on a home-grown Radiotherapy study.  Prof Sulé-Suso began his recruitment to the VERT (Virtual Environment Radiotherapy Training) study in August 2015 and to date has screened 74 patients, 69 of whom were recruited.  This successful recruitment leads promisingly towards the target of 340 patients over a five year period.
The study looks at whether participants who are shown a 3D presentation of how their radiotherapy is planned and given, either prior to their radiotherapy or afterwards, makes the participant more compliant and reduces side effects from treatment.
Dawn Sirdefield, UHNM Monitoring and Audit Facilitator, said: “Whilst Prof Sulé-Suso does have radiographers and physicists working hard on the study, he is managing the administrative side and data entry himself, as he does not have administrative support for the study. Despite this, both the Investigator Site File and relevant patient documentation proved to be first class
both in standards and completion for the initial monitoring, which took place for this study recently.  This is an excellent example of how research can be delivered and conducted to the highest level even with minimal support. It is good to know that the future of home-grown research is in extremely capable hands.”
[reproduced from UHNM R&D News, November 2016]