Seminar on polymers by Chinese visitor

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Posted on 24 June 2016

Professor Haichen Wu, from the Chinese Academy of Science in Beijing, visited the Guy Hilton Research Centre on 24 June to speak to members of the Research Institute for Science & Technology in Medicine about his work on conjugated polymers. His talk was titled “Revealing different aggregational states of a conjugated polymer in solution by a nanopore sensor” and he demonstrated that nanopores are promising tools for the analysis of conformational changes of polymers in solution.

The seminar formed part of the MSc Cell & Tissue Engineering / Biomedical Engineering series. It was hosted by ISTM’s Lecturer in Analytical Biochemistry, Dr Wen-Wu Li, who himself studied at the Chinese Academy of Sciences before moving on to Germany, then Oxford University to work on chemical biology of carbohydrate and proteins, and then to his post at Keele five years ago.

Professor Haichen Wu (left) is pictured with Dr Wen-Wu Li (right).