"Why do scientists do what scientists do?" outreach website goes live

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Posted on 05 December 2016

"Why do scientists do what scientists do?" is a new website that has been developed by ISTM and School of Pharmacy’s Dr Alan Richardson. Dr Richardson received funding for the project from the British Pharmacological Society as part of their Outreach and Public Engagement Grant Scheme. The aim of the website is to better inform public understanding about research, which might otherwise sound bizarre if the rationale for it hasn't adequately been explained.

The website has been developed to help non-scientists, or students just embarking on a career in science, to understand “the scientific mind-set”. Why do scientists carry out experiments which, at first sight, may appear crazy? For example, why would scientists make rabbits which glow in the dark? And, why don’t scientists give straightforward answers to questions, but instead make things sound more complicated?

The website uses simple and accessible language as well as fun animations to explain some of the basic principles behind the design of scientific research. It’s hoped that the website will help to bridge the gap between scientific research and public understanding.

The website can be found on the following link: