Dr Chris Adams at Daniel Turnberg Travel Fellowship Reception

NTEK member Dr Chris Adams was one of three fellows hand-selected from a cohort of over 220 fellows to present at the Academy of Medical Sciences Daniel Turnberg Travel Fellowship Reception. The event was hosted by Lord and Lady Turnberg, and the Academy of Medical Sciences to celebrate the success of the scheme, and to thank the donors for their crucial support. 

The Daniel Turnberg Travel Fellowship was established by Lord and Lady Turnberg, in memory of their son Daniel, and aims to build research links and develop ongoing scientific collaborations between the UK and the Middle East. The scheme provides early-career biomedical researchers the chance to undertake short-term visits to further their research experience and learn new techniques, and develop ideas for future collaboration.  

As part of the scheme, Dr Adams visited the laboratory of Professor Lellouche (Bar-Ilan University, Tel Aviv) to study synthesis and characterisation of new nanoparticles, which can potentially manipulate cells in clinically useful ways. 

Speaking about the scheme, Dr Adams commented: "The scheme has helped my career in a number of ways, from conducting research in a completely different environment to providing me with my first experience of presenting at an international conference. 

Lord Turnberg added: "the response to the event has been overwhelmingly positive; it was heartening to hear from the people who have benefited so directly from Daniel's Fund."

More information about the scheme can be found on their website

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