Graphical abstract of nano-imaging research into Alzheimer's disease amyloid plaques  

Nanoscale_Bioscience article in Top 25 articles of 2018

Posted on 07 February 2019 An article from the Nanoscale Bioscience group on Alzheimer's research has been included in the top 25 articles of 2018 by the Royal Society of Chemistry's journal 'Nanoscale'

Appointment Congratulations for Dr Abbie Rutter

Posted on 07 January 2019 Dr Abbie Rutter has been appointed as a new Lecturer in Biomedical Engineering

New RISE Connector in ISTM

Posted on 12 December 2018 Dr Dimitra Blana, Research Fellow in Biomedical Engineering has been successful in her application to become a member of the EPSRC RISE Cohort.

Personalised approach to restoration of upper limb movement in spinal cord injury

Posted on 14 May 2018 A project aiming for a personalised approach to the restoration of arm function in people with high-level spinal cord injury has been awarded £387k of funding by the EPSRC. The project, led by Dr Ed Chadwick of ISTM, will focus on developing new methods to optimise technology interventions such as functional electrical stimulation to enable people with paralysis of their arms to move again.
Fraser Philp - PhD viva with Jens Bo Nielson, Jaap Buurke and Anand Pandyan  

PhD success for Fraser

Posted on 20 February 2018 Fraser Philp successfully passed his PhD viva on Friday, with only minor corrections! Well done Fraser!

Keele academics invited to Rehab Week

Posted on 01 August 2017 Professor Pandyan from the School of Health and Rehabilitation and Dr Chadwick from the Institute for Science and Technology in Medicine joined Mr Simon Pickard from the Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital (RJAH) to present an invited session entitled "Recent advances in surgical rehabilitation and functional restoration for the upper limb in spinal cord injury" at Rehab Week 2017.

Rehabilitation research: join the revolution

Posted on 21 March 2017 Dr Ed Chadwick gave an invited talk at a fascinating Keele event on 21 March 2017 headlined: “The Fourth Industrial Revolution – what every business needs to know”.

Focusing on cancer. Funding obtained for novel microscope project

Posted on 26 January 2017 Dr Neil Telling, Prof Ying Yang and Prof Josep Sule-Suso have been awarded £810,000 by the EPSRC.

Control and feedback potential for prosthetic devices

Posted on 02 February 2017 Dr Ed Chadwick gave the first ISTM 2017 seminar, on control and feedback for prosthetic devices.

Research grant success to study the role of iron and calcium in Alzheimer’s disease

Posted on 30 November 2016 Dr Neil Telling is principal investigator on an EPSRC multi-centre £760,000 project, bringing Keele £340,000.
Keele Nanopharmaceutics logo  

Nanopharmaceutics Symposium

Posted on 18 July 2016 The second annual Keele Nanopharmaceutics Symposium took place in the Sustainability Hub at Keele University on 15th July 2016.

FAST-INdICATE trial news

Posted on 17 March 2016 The multi-centre RCT of functional strength training for the arm and hand after stroke, FAST-INdICATE, has now completed recruitment and will continue to follow up patients until July 2016. Dr Sue Hunter would like to thank everyone who has been part of the trial, especially the team based at the Barker Unit in the Haywood Hospital, Stoke-on-Trent.
Melissa Mather awarded ERC Consolidator Research Grant worth €2.4 million.  January 2016  

€2.4 million ERC Consolidator Research Grant

Posted on 22 January 2016 Professor Melissa Mather, Research Institute for Science and Technology in Medicine, has won a European Research Council (ERC) Consolidator Research Grant worth €2.4 million (£1.6 million).

British Mass Spectrometry Society meeting

Posted on 19 February 2016 Keele Hall was the venue for meeting of the British Mass Spectrometry Society

Nanopharmaceutics Research at the Sustainability Hub

Posted on 17 July 2015 The 1st Annual Nanopharmaceutics Research Symposium was held on Friday 10th July at the Keele University Sustainability Hub.

Claire Stapleton - Keele Excellence Awards 2014 -15: Early Career Award

Posted on 12 June 2015 Claire has successfully integrated technology into her teaching within the School of Health and Rehabilitation
PhD student ISTM (SHAR) 200x200 image  

Society of Rehabilitation Research Prize

Posted on 19 June 2015 Cameron Lindsay, a PhD student with Prof Pandyan has been awarded the Verna Wright Prize for 2015 from the Society for Research in Rehabilitation.

Prestigious visiting scholarship

Posted on 01 May 2015 Dr Dimitra Blana, Research Fellow in the Institute for Science and Technology in Medicine, has been awarded a prestigious Visiting Scholarship that will allow her to work at Stanford University in the USA for five weeks over the summer.

Biomedical engineering outreach

Posted on 24 March 2015 Dr. Dimitra Blana of the rehab group visited St Margaret Ward Catholic Academy in Tunstall this week to talk to year 8 pupils about her career in Biomedical Engineering. Dr Blana is a member of the STEM Ambassadors Programme.

Meet the Professor Session at the 8th World Congress for Neuro-Rehabilitation

Posted on 21 January 2014 Professor Anand Pandyan has been invited to host a "Meet the Professor" session at the 8th World Congress for Neuro-Rehabilitation in Istanbul, Turkey.

New EPSRC-funded project to improve prosthetic hands

Posted on 24 February 2015 A new project to improve the function of artificial limbs has been awarded to Dr Chadwick of the Rehabilitation Research Group at Keele. The multi-centre project, led by Newcastle University, arose from a prestigious EPSRC-run sandpit on the theme of Assistive, Rehabilitative and Adaptive Technologies attended by Dr Chadwick.

Four new grants show local charity support for ISTM's research

Posted on 16 January 2015 Members of the Research Institute for Science & Technology in Medicine led all four successful awards made by the Guy Hilton Research Funding Competition, supported by the Guy Hilton Asthma Trust and University Hospital of North Midlands (UHNM) Charitable Funds.

NIHR funds collaborative research on electrical stimulation post-stroke

Posted on 24 November 2014 A new project involving Nottingham and Keele Universities has been funded by the National Institute for Health Research. The project will investigate the role of electrical stimulation in preventing complications of stroke such as pain and contractures. From Keele's side, the work will be led by Prof Pandyan in ISTM.

Prestigious NIHR Fellowship awarded

Posted on 09 December 2014 Alison Aries, Lecturer in the School of Health and Rehabilitation (SHAR), has been awarded a prestigious and highly competitive three year full-time Clinical Doctoral Research Fellowship from the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR).

Clinical Movement Analysis Seminar at Keele

Posted on 26 June 2014 The Rehabilitation Group within ISTM co-hosted a one-day seminar entitled ‘The Next Generation of Clinical Movement Analysis Models’. The meeting took place on June 20th in Keele Hall and was sponsored by the three partners, Keele University, ORLAU/RJAH (Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital) and Salford University.
90x90 thumbnail of Oculus  

Keele Community Day a resounding success

Posted on 04 June 2014 Hundreds of people came through the doors on the 1st of June to see what staff and students do in the area of health and rehabilitation at Keele.
User with Occulus headset and virtual arm  

Come and see us at the Keele Community Day

Posted on 13 May 2014 The ISTM Rehab group will be taking part in this year's Keele Community Day on June 1st. Join us in the MacKay Building from 1pm to learn about our research with the Schools of Health & Rehabilitation and Mathematics & Computing.
sensor mounted on arm  

ISTM invests in wearable motion tracking system for rehabilitation research

Posted on 30 August 2013 Keele has recently invested in a wearable motion tracking system for rehabilitation research. The light-weight device will allow arm motions of patients to be recorded in both laboratory and clinical settings.

Seminar on Technology for Upper Limb Rehabilitation

Posted on 21 January 2014 As part of an MRC Centenary Award to Keele University, ISTM will host a seminar on the use of assistive technology in upper limb rehabilitation this March. The seminar will take place in the Sustainability Hub at the University on March 5, 2014.

NCSRR award for Keele rehab researchers

Posted on 21 January 2013 Dr Ed Chadwick and Dr Dimitra Blana have been given an Outstanding Researcher Award from the National Center for Simulation in Rehabilitation Research, and were invited to attend a workshop at Stanford University.

Lecture on Biomedical Engineering by Dr Ed Chadwick

Posted on 23 November 2012 Dr Ed Chadwick gave a first lecture to colleagues to introduce his research at the Guy Hilton Research Centre on 23 November.