Richard Seymour - MSc Psychology of Health and Wellbeing

I have recently completed the Masters in Health & Wellbeing and I miss it already. The programme was well designed, with an interesting array of research to get our teeth into. The lectures were mostly based around discussion, where we got to explore our own thoughts under the guidance of the lecturer. We all enjoyed these sessions a great deal and found the format ideal for learning. We had the freedom, too, to pursue our own interests and were always fully supported by the staff, who were friendly, welcoming and genuinely interested in engaging with our ideas. The assignments were varied and there was an emphasis on being able to communicate complex ideas to a broader audience. There was also the opportunity to take an active role in academic research, which stretched our skills and provided us with valuable, real world experience of handling participants, collecting data and writing reports for publication. We also appreciated being made to feel part of the department by being invited to staff meetings where our feedback was taken very seriously. While it was by no means expected, I was able to speak at a conference and was invited to run a workshop where I demonstrated my own research in gerontology. On a personal note, I loved the family feel to the Masters programme and now count some of the lecturers among my friends.