Glynn Luznyj - Certificate in Industrial Relations 2015

The academic learning has improved my report writing and critical reading. However, I have gained most benefit from understanding the perspectives that different people have in regard to industrial relations and how conflict can often manifest or be resolved. With the Fire and Rescue Service having a strong influence from Trade Unions, this knowledge is important in managing the service effectively.

My Service (Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service) has developed a strong relationship with Keele Management School, in particular around the areas of research in industrial relations. In my opinion, Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service is quite unique in that it enjoys really positive and meaningful relations with the management and representative bodies. These relations can, and will continue to be tested. Therefore, it is essential that good industrial relations are maintained. The MA programme will allow me to contribute to this area by developing my knowledge and understanding to complement my operational experience.