Paul Buren - MSc Finance and Management

A high standard of teaching during my MSc Finance and Management encouraged me to critically reflect on academia. The main difference with undergraduate teaching is the freedom to put theory to the test. Lecturers expect a deeper level of thinking and understanding from students. For me the support by, and access to academic and non-academic staff was a great extra that made my year comfortable and fun.

I chose the MSc Finance and Management because I had an interest in the financial markets and wanted to deepen my understanding of management, specifically leadership and strategy. This course enabled me to explore a wide variety of subjects within finance and management. After six years as a teacher I wanted something else, this masters course has really helped me to reflect and figure out what I want next.

In the third semester I chose to do the applied company research project. This is an alternative to the dissertation route that was the only research option for many years. This is a great opportunity to gain work experience and see theory at work in the real world. Being encouraged to use knowledge and make a difference in a company is a fantastic feeling and if it suits your learning style I would highly recommend going down this route.

Now I have finished this year I am looking at starting my own consultancy company in applied strategy and web development. The MSc qualification sets me apart in the marketplace, especially as I got nomination for student researcher of the year. Thank you for a fantastic year. Forever Keele!