Services and Support

Please take a look at the following sections for information on support services at Keele:

Student Support Services

The University provides a number of services to help students with their health and well-being:

Learning & Teaching Services

There are a number of Learning & Teaching services that PGR students can access:

Finance-related Services

The University's Finance Office has a number of departments which may be of use to PGR students:

IT Related Services


Once you have received your Keele IT Account username and password, you will be able to access your Keele email. To access your email log on at and click on ‘The Office’ then Mail and Docs. Keele University use Google to provide the email service, which also gives you access to other Google services such as Documents, Calendar, Sites, and Chat. For more information about Google Mail at Keele, go to


To connect to Keele WIFI look for ‘eduroam’ in your network list and connect using your Keele email address and password.  For more help and advice go to

Other useful links

There are other services offered by the University which PGR students might find helpful