Postgraduate Taught Programmes

Whether you're considering continuing your social work or counselling study post-degree, returning to study after work, or looking to study alongside your career, we have something for you. We currently offer the following postgraduate opportunities: 

Social Work

This is a taught Masters which incorporates the professional qualification in Social Work. 

Social Work is a practice-based profession which engages people and groups to address complex life challenges and enhance well being. The social work discipline is underpinned by theories of social work, social sciences, humanities and practice-based knowledge. Our enthusiastic staff group bring a wide variety of experiences from practice and research which include: child rights, gerontology, protection and safeguarding and the value base of social work.

Modular - Part time

The Social Work Department at Keele University is part of the North West Midlands Teaching Partnership (NWSWTP), one of the original four teaching partnerships commissioned by the Department of Education. The Teaching Partnerships are employer-led, sponsored by the Department of Education, and driven by a commitment to the continuing professional development of both registered social workers and social work students; thus raising the quality of social work in direct practice.


Keele University has been delivering counselling courses since the early 1970s and was one of the first to provide counsellor training in the UK. The foundation of all our counselling programmes is person-centred and humanistic with a strong emphasis on the value of the therapeutic relationship in bringing about significant change for clients. However, we pride ourselves on having an anti-schoolist approach and are open to learning from other therapeutic traditions. We also offer Continuing Professional Development events, including an annual international counselling conference, and we are involved in the delivery of Counselling for Depression training (a NICE evidence based humanistic therapy) to counsellors working in NHS IAPT Services. 

Full and Part time 

The counselling team at Keele are well-established, and all teaching staff are qualified counselling practitioners with experience fo working as therapists in a range of settings, including the NHS, voluntary, education and private sectors. The staff are involved in research and have a particular passion for various forms of qualitative research. 

We believe in offering our students an excellent therapeutic training experience and are committed to providing students with the support and guidance required in the process of becoming a counselling practitioner.