Key word (L)

Lateral epicondylitis

  • Does autologous blood injection provide more pain relief and functional improvement in adults with chronic tendinopathy when compared to usual care?
  • In patients presenting with acute or chronic tendinopathies, what is the incidence of harm for those receiving steroid injections compared to those receiving usual care?

Lateral ligaments

  • Following Anterior Talo-Fibular Ligament (ATFL) reconstruction in adult humans, does the use of an air-cast splint post op have any beneficial effect on pain, range and activities of daily living (ADL)?

Length of stay

  • Does standing a patient on the day of surgery following a primary unilateral total hip or knee replacement reduce the length of hospital stay?

Low level laser therapy

  • In adults with Lateral Elbow Tendinopathy (Tennis Elbow) does the treatment of Low Level Laser Therapy improve pain and function when compared to usual physiotherapy care?

Lower limb surgery

  • In an adult population undergoing primary total knee replacement (TKR) does the addition of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) to usual care improve pain management & as a result improve range of movement (ROM) within 3 months post-operatively?