Key word (E)

Early mobilisation

  • Does standing a patient on the day of surgery following a primary unilateral total hip or knee replacement reduce the length of hospital stay?

Eccentric exercise

  • In the adult population, is eccentric or concentric exercise more effective for the return of function in Subacute or chronic Achilles tendonopathies?


  • Does autologous blood injection provide more pain relief and functional improvement in adults with chronic tendinopathy when compared to usual care?
  • In adults with Lateral Elbow Tendinopathy (Tennis Elbow) does the treatment of Low Level Laser Therapy improve pain and function when compared to usual physiotherapy care?


  • Is electrotherapy more effective than other physical therapy approaches in reducing pain and disability in adults with supraspinatus tendonitis?Is one modality of electrotherapy more effective than another?


  • In adults with shoulder joint impingement is the intervention of stabilization exercises and/or postural correction versus any treatment or no intervention effective in reducing pain and increasing function?
  • Does exercise or splinting in the treatment of trigger finger reduce pain, improve range of movement, grip strength, function and return to work when compared with usual care?
  • In adults with degenerative meniscal tears in the knee, is physiotherapy as clinical and cost effective as surgery?
  • In adult patients immediately post primary total knee replacement (TKR) for osteoarthritis (OA) is group therapy more clinically effective than an individual programme for pain and function?
  • Would repeat steroid injections be more beneficial than physiotherapy targeted exercise for Trochanteric bursitis/trochanteric pain syndrome (TPS) in older females giving pain relief for over six months duration?
  • In adults with de Quervain tenosynovitis, are exercises more effective in reducing pain and improving function than usual care?
  • Is hand therapy more effective than usual care in maintaining function and improving coping in adults with hand arthiritis
  • In an adult population post wrist fracture, is an exercise rehabilitation programme more effective than self-management or no intervention in reducing pain and restoring function? 
  • In adults with chronic DeQuervains tenosynovitis does exercise reduce pain and improve function more than usual care? 
  • In patients over the age of 40 with plantarfasciopathy, is wearing a night splint nightly for 3 monhs effective in reducing pain when compared to exercise therapy? 
  • For adults with musculoskeletal neck pain, is shoulder/ neck acupuncture plus exercises the same as exercises alone for reducing pain in the short term?

Exercise program

  • Is an exercise regime in addition to routine mobilization/gait re-education of improved benefit to function/QOL in post-operative adult THRs?

Exercise therapy

  • In adults with glenohumeral joint adhesive capsulitis are mobilisation techniques in combination with exercise more effective in reducing pain and improving function compared to exercise alone?


  • In adults with chronic low back pain are core stability exercises more effective in improving function and decreasing pain compared to a general exercise program?