Key word (D)


  • Does autologous blood injection provide more pain relief and functional improvement in adults with chronic tendinopathy when compared to usual care?
  • In adults with degenerative meniscal tears in the knee, is physiotherapy as clinical and cost effective as surgery?

DeQuervains syndrome

  • Is splinting more clinically effective and cost effective in decreasing pain and improving function in adults with DeQuervains syndrome than usual care
  • In adults with de Quervain tenosynovitis, are exercises more effective in reducing pain and improving function than usual care?

Direct access

  • What are the relative benefits of different models of access to Health Care Practitioners for musculoskeletal patients in Primary Care?


  • Examine the effectiveness of rehabilitation programmes in primary flexor tendon repairs following surgical reconstruction at 12 weeks and 12 months in terms of pain, disability, function and return to work.
  • Is manual physical therapy more effective than other physical therapy approaches in reducing pain and disability in adults post whiplash injury?

Distention injection

  • In adults with adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder) does the use of distention injections improve pain, function and range of movement when compared to lower volume, steroid injections?


  • Does appointment duration for musculoskeletal outpatient physiotherapy or occupational therapy in primary or secondary care settings, have an effect on managerial, clinical or patient outcomes?