Our Research

Keele CTU supports high quality clinical research studies, including randomised clinical trials (phase III trials and feasibility and pilot trials that inform the development of phase III trials) and large epidemiological cohort studies. Our track record is well established particularly in the areas of primary care research, as well as research at the primary/secondary care interface in the UK NHS. In terms of clinical areas of expertise, we have a strong track record in musculoskeletal pain research, and more recently in mental health, multimorbidity and renal condition.


Randomised Trials

Keele CTU is the lead CTU for the following trials:

  • CONTACT – Colchicine Or Naproxen Treatment for Acute gout
  • EASEBACK – Evaluating Acupuncture and Standard care for pregnant women with BACK pain
  • INSTinCTS – INjection versus SplinTing in Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
  • MOSAICs – Managing OSteoArthritis In ConsultationS in Primary Care
  • POST – Primary care Osteoarthritis Screening Trial
  • PROP-OA – A trial of advice, exercise and braces for adults aged 45 years and over with knee pain and knee osteoarthritis
  • BEEP – Best Evidence for Exercise in knee Pain trial
  • SAMBA – Staffordshire Arthritis Musculoskeletal and Back Assessment Study
  • SHIPS – Study of Health trainers Improving Patient Self-management support
  • STAMP – Smartphone and Tablet Application for Medicines and Pain
  • STEMS – Stepping up the evidence for Musculoskeletal Services
  • SUPPORT – Subacromial imPingement syndrome and Pain, A randomised controlled trial of exercise and injection
  • SWAP – Study of Work And Pain
  • IPOPP – Increasing physical activity in older people with chronic musculoskeletal pain: A brief and simple intervention to promote walking
  • ENHANCE – Improving care for people with long term conditions
  • HIT – Hip Injection Trial
  • BISTRO – BioImpedance To Maintain Renal Output Trial
  • MIDAS – Multi-level Integrated Data for musculoskeletal health intelligence and ActionS
  • INCLUDE – INtegrating and improving Care for patients with infLammatory rheUmatological DisordErs in the community

Keele CTU is collaborating with other CTUs on the following active trials:

  • MIR (Lead CTU: Bristol) – MIRtazapine added to Selective Serotinin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) for Treatment Resistant Depression in Primary Care: a placebo controlled randomised controlled trial
  • SCIATIC (Lead CTU: Bangor) - SubCutaneous Injection of Adalimumab Trial compared with Control

Epidemiology Studies

Keele CTU is the lead CTU for the following Epidemiology studies. Data from our cohort studies are being used to develop models of prediction, prognosis, disease trajectories, and outcome

  • North Staffordshire Osteoarthritis Project (NorStOP)
  • NorStOP and the Clinical Assessment of the Knee (CAS(K))
  • NorStOP and the Clinical Assessment of the Hand (CAS(Ha))
  • NorStOP and the Clinical Assessment of the Foot (CAS(F))
  • Prognostic Research Study (PROG-RES I & II & III)
  • Back Pain Research North Staffordshire (BaRNS)
  • Beliefs about Back Pain Patient Study (BeBack)
  • Comorbidity Cohort Study (2C)
  • Assessment and Treatment of Leg Pain Associated with Sciatica (ATLAS)

Qualitative studies

Keele CTU supports a strong body of qualitative research either as standalone projects or studies that are embedded in our trials and cohorts. These studies use a wide range of methods (interviews, focus groups, audio recording of consultations, video tape assisted recall) .to examine individual perceptions about pain, its impact on life, patient priorities for its treatment and consultation experiences. Data from studies linked to trials assist with trial design, intervention development and contextualising trial results.

Studies based on consultation data

Information to follow