The AGP is involved in a wide range of dissemination activities to share knowledge, skills and findings around the development of the AGP and healthcare improvements. Below, you will find our notable outputs. 

Burton C, Cottrell E and Edwards JJ, 2015. Addison's disease: identification and management in primary care British Journal of General Practice 2015; 65: 488–490.

E Cottrell, V Crabtree, JJ Edwards and E Roddy, 2013. Improvement in the management of gout is vital and overdue: an audit from a UK primary care medical practice. BMC Family Practice 2013, 14:170

Development of an online Quality Improvement platform. SA Lawton, JJ Edwards, E Cottrell. International Forum on Quality & Safety in Healthcare, 2019.

Integrating Physician Associates into Primary Care: Early findings from a service evaluation of a novel internship. E Cottrell, S Turner, L Minshull, A Strivens-Joyce, M Aiello, SA Lawton, JJ Edwards. RCGP Conference, 2018.

Oral bisphosphonate prescription in primary care: a baseline audit of practice. Edwards JJ, E Cottrell, Z Paskins. National Osteoporosis Society Conference, 2018.

General practice prescription of oral bisphosphonates: review flowchart development of operationalisable audit criteria for drug holidays. JJ Edwards, E Cottrell, Z Paskins. RCGP Conference and SAPC North Conference, 2017.

Development of a Chronic Pain Service. A service collaboration between Wolstanton Medical Centre, Keele University and NHS North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare. R Sillito, E Cottrell, SA Lawton, JJ Edwards. Behavioural Science and Public Health Network Conference, 2019 and Patient Safety Congress, 2019.

Identifying and rectifying prescriptions of long-acting antimuscarinic and beta-agonist inhalers without inhaled corticosteroids to asthma patients: an audit from a UK general practice surgery. T Robinson, Cottrell E. BJGPRC, 2019

Promoting appropriate antibiotic prescribing in primary care patients presentingAl-Hayalee A, Edwards JJ, Cottrell E. RCGP Conference, 2018.

Pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine in primary care: can we improve uptake? Eva Havelka, JJ Edwards, E Cottrell. RCGP Conference, 2018.

Audit of primary care INR monitoring following co-prescription of potentially hazardous drugs with warfarin. P Jain, E Cottrell, JJ Edwards. RCGP Conference, 2014.

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