Growing and sharing practice scholarship

We have developed evidence-based practice (EBP) groups which aim to find the best evidence to underpin primary clinical practice, highlight gaps in the evidence to the research community, highlight means by which the best evidence could be implemented to commissioners, and share knowledge and expertise between clinical and academic colleagues (e.g. developing clinically relevant questions and critical appraisal skills).

Clinical Questions

Clinical questions examined by the GP EBP Group come from and are prioritised by the EBP group members. They are raised from real-world clinical uncertainties or concerns, for which a clear answer is not forthcoming. The group decides upon the approach to answering the question, which may be a literature search, drilling down on and critically appraising the evidence underpinning guideline recommendations or seeking input from researchers generating new primary care evidence. 

Contacts and Further information

The GP EBP group is co-lead by Dr John Edwards and Dr Lizzie Cottrell, who are both GPs at the Keele University Academic General Practice. Regular members include GPs, both with academic experience and with no academic experience, academics and primary care nurses. While the group is focussed on issues relevant to General Practitioners, we have encouraged people with wider professional backgrounds into the group to provide a broad primary care perspective.

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